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31 July 2007

how "it" meant to you?

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it shows how easy to be called as father
it takes that "SPECIAL" features to be called as dad :)

it's meant a lot for me

it shows to me some criteria that i need to consider from a MAN

someone that SPECIAL & can be called as DAD :D

(called me fussy..yeah i'm :p)

26 July 2007

true friends

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Create your own Friend Test here

true friends? hard to determine kan? it's a subjective terms..everyone have their own judgment towards this matters..sometimes
orang yang kite assume as true/best friends sebenarnye not that fill the terms..and it might be someone yang unexpected turns and fill that terms..

that test is just for fun purpose..nothing to deal with sape yg score highest & lowest..everyones can be called my long as we be truthful to each other ☺ kan?? ♥ u guys ☺

but I'm glad + thankful to have them (ayu + zura) as my best friends..doesn't mean that others are not my best friends..just only they know me better..eventho' they didn't know what i like to eat, which football team that i support but they always lend me their ears to listens to all my sorrows and a shoulder to cry on..thanks much i appreciate them in life.. indescribables ♥ them & always be ☺