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24 March 2010

[fan account] [100320] Super Junior SS2 Malaysia

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Super Junior Super Show 2 LIVE in Malaysia
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(update: 17/04/2010 with clip from ArirangTV)
(caution : this post going to be LONG! so don't bother if you're not interested..hihi~)

Thinks about it makes me more excited. I should blog about this a month ago, but due to unexpected things so here you are. Full-covered story from deciding, purchasing, speculation, gossips, stalkers, merchandise, d-day & after concert. For those hv my FB knows sometimes i do post, tweet & comments about them. hehehe~

By reading news posted by Daily K-Pop News a day before my birthday that Malaysia is officially 1 of 15 pit stops for SS2 makes me jump off from my chair. I do considered this news kind of my birthday gift. Serious. Never feels this kind of joy. Excited about an artist. For a fan girl like me (please don't talk about age here! I still have my inner-child. full-stop! LOL), it's like a dream come true, have a chance to experienced the concert itself, which for all this while, Youtube is my best source to watch all fancams and read about all the concert and wondering when will my time to experienced it. and FINALLY they're here in KL.

23 March 2010

all the way from korea~

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halo peeps. lame doh tak update sesuatu di blog. terlalu banyak perkara yang berlaku dalam masa sebulan yang lalu. Ups and Downs. Ada yang boleh dikongsi dan ada yang tidak. Alhamdulillah setakat ini dapat mengharungi dengan baik walaupun masih dalam keadaan adjust! terutamanya pemikiranku ini.

terima kasih pada kawan-kawan yang sudi memahami keadaan diri ini disaat aku perlukan pemahaman. bukan tak mahu bercerita esp pada sahabat baikku (Ayu, Zura & Aida), tapi ada kala perkara musibah macam nie perlu ditangani sendiri. perkara musibah buat aku belajar tentang sesuatu, memahami takdir yang telah ditetapkan, menerima ujian dengan tangan terbuka dan peluang untuk perbaiki diri sendiri. Alhamdulillah keadaan semakin baik dan keep progressing.