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19 January 2014

#spring2013 - Episode 2 : The Arrival~

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hello Seoul! like FINALLY hell yeah!

but before that let's have a glimpse my personal experienced in AA flight. just my recommendations tho' :)

My shuper-faulty-short-term-memory-lost!
  • Lupa booking in-flight meals (pegi-balik ye!). so i'm super starving in the flight for 6 hours, eventho' i'ved already had Dunkin Donut breakfast before flight-off. hehehe. Thankfully b4 flight balik, we (me, Kak Nanie & Bahie) had our lunch at the airport. makan kenyang2. after check-in bedal Starbucks banana frapp kt departure hall! Bahie also willingly to share her in-flight meal with me! hing! thanks a lot!
my2cent tip #3 if you wanna save your cent for in-flight meals, make sure you packed some sweets or small pack of biscuits in you hand luggage :) 
  • Lupa roaming hand-phone! this was the super-duper-failed-of-me. since Celcom offer RM36/day for roaming, for me its a good deal. so for 10-days trip, i a bit disconnected. once a while i tethering bahie's mobile & used guest-house wifi facilities!
my2cent tip #4 if you didn't want to roaming, do look for korean prepaid simcard. please google for more. I've no idea about this at all. *sorry*
  • just in-case! bring just enough Ringgit Malaysia cash in flight. this case i do refer a couple that seated beside me. i think they are American. hungry. want to buy in-flight meals but no RM in-hand. just CC. end-up they "sort-like" disappointed with the services. I've no say about this, since i also didn't know that Only-Cash policy in-flight sbb i penah tengok CC transaction in flight been done before. not AA flight la.
flight take-off at 9AM & touch-down at Seoul at 4:20PM! after all clearance & back-pack pick up we went to convenient store to purchased T-Money. This is must buy item for easy-breazy-subway-mode! then we moved to from airport subway to seoul station to catch our train ticket to Busan ^_^.

Seoul-at-glimpse : for me it's super fast. the people moved really fast.

night outside Seoul Station! see the traffic?
We planned for midnight train to Busan so that we'll arrived around 5AM but unfortunately it sold-out. so we catch 9.15PM train & arrived at Busan around 2.20AM -.-. while waiting for depart to Busan, we get our dinner at the station food-court. Its advisable you find something related to seafood. so we have seafood kimchi-jigae & rice. Since i'm quite tired (related to previous post) so i decided to shared the meal with Bahie. (dh balik mesia, i do feel guilty bout this).

After dinner we walk around the station & depart to Busan via Mugunghwa train for KRW28,000/person. For budget travellers like us commute by KTX is never an option. So bare with it. It's not that bad tho'. Like KTM kelas ekonomi :)

Platform & Train
Thanks to group of Korean girls!
Time to depart. It's super cold while waiting at the platform. with heavy backpack i didn't want to put the bag down. berat oiii! wahahahaha. so ketar2 jugak la sementara menunggu train sampai. FYI train ni bergerak sharp  at 9.10PM ye. bukan kol 9.10PM tu baru nak terhegeh2 naik train. It's advisable 15-20 minutes before dh ada kat platform tu.

Hanya tuhan je tahu letih tahap apa masa ni tp excited sheds all!
Selca itu adalah wajib! wahahahahaha. Bare in mind, since it's cheap, kene tahan sebab train ni stop almost all station. So memang bising sikit. Plus akan certain stop train agak penuh & ada penumpang yang berdiri. Along the way, me enjoying a night-view. malas pulak nak amek gambar dalam train yang bergerak-gerak :) then we dozed off!

See you in Busan peeps! next post ok! byeome!