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18 September 2010

it's all about self-educate

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What technology means to you?
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Sorry for being away without any post (± 5 months?). Currently I'm active with my tweet-land beside facebook. So this blog have been left out T__T (eventho' i have tones of thought need to be share).

Finally, tonight i spare my time, updating something. Something that i consider important. As a reminder for myself and responsible towards my readers (if any~); and i hope after this my future post is much more responsible, mature & self-educating. Once a while, I'll update about my daily life but that subject no more played as major role in this blog.

OK! Back to my title 'It's All About Self-Educate'. It might sound sarcastic or too direct, but sometimes reality hurts. Take it or leave it. I'm not forcing anyone to accept or agree with all my words, my thoughts. I just justifying my opinions and I'm hoping for a good feedbacks (or criticisms) , so that discussions can be made and hearing thoughts for others will opened my eyes towards things that i didn't see. 

Furthermore this post actually i might say sneak-peak about self-educating, eventho' that's not my real and true intention but after i recap back, i need to elaborate more about it.