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15 January 2017

[REVIEW] Muslim Friendly Restaurant in Jeju City

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(p/s: this post contains a lot of picture. It might take sometimes to load all. Depends on your internet connection)

We meet again. 😊

Today as best that i could to made a review how-to-go to & my-solo-mukbang-session at Muslim friendly restaurant in Jeju-do during my autumn solo-trip.

Thanks to this post that made me managed to eat fresh free flow abalone and happily :D. Actually it was my 3rd day in Jeju and that day was the day after typhoon.

I start my day quite late since my 2nd day in Jeju i managed to hike up Halla Mountain (will blog about this to. LATER :p ) and my legs still stiff & light cramp eventho i already do all sort of things to reduce it down 😞

The day plans is to visit Udo Island, walking around Seongwipo, try to made my own cosmetic at Cafe Jeju Story, eat temple menu and seafood. Unfortunately due to typhoon ferry to Udo was cancel and some areas including Cafe Jeju Story facing electricity disruptions.

So i decide to have a late lunch at Jeju City and try to search for this restaurant by bus.

Restaurant nameCheon Hye Cheon Shabu Shabu Restaurant (μ²œν•΄μ²œ)
Restaurant Entrance
Direction From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal.
  • Take bus number 782 / 782-1 and stop at Jeongjonma-eul / Jeongjon City (μ •μ‘΄λ§ˆμ„)
  • Walk along the street (2 - 3 minutes walk from the bus stop) until you reach intersection where by you will see 119 Fire Station on your right.
Note: I take this picture on my way back to guest house. So if you come from the bus stop, you should be at the other side of the road

  • Cross the street towards Halladaehang-ro road and you will see A Twosome Place Coffee & Dessert Cafe. The cafe (should be on your right) literally visible at the intersection.

The road sign-board (Halladaehang-ro)
  • Stay on the street and Cheon Hye Cheon Shabu Shabu Restaurant (μ²œν•΄μ²œ) was right after the cafe.
The Restaurant Building
Map :

The buffet menu (as per picture)

Sebelum korang decide nak makan dekat sini, bared in mind harga dia agak mahal especially untuk budget traveler : ₩53,000 per pax. Since i ni sejenis bab makan ni tak berapa nak berkira, so takde la kesah sangat. Rela habis dekat makanan compared to shopping. So terpulang ok. Jangan kata kakak tak pesan.

Literally you can choose 2 type of soup to be served. The waiter kindly enough to recommend most favorite soup among customer. I pick 1 plain-base soup & 1 spicy soup. I pick the spicy because i think normal Korean spicy soup not that spicy but this soup really spicy as been considered by my taste-bud. So i do suggest you to go with the waiter / waitress recommendation πŸ˜€

As per buffet selection, sajangnim were really helpful and tour me around the buffet table. He even told me which menu were non-halal so that i didn't put it on my plate. To be safe, just pick seafood & vegetarian kind of menu πŸ˜†

Since this restaurant certified as Muslim friendly, all non halal food & pork contained food been label accordingly πŸ˜€

My plate ;)
fresh raw items
  • Fresh items

  • Mixed salads + Fried items
Mixed salads

Fried rice with shrimp

  • Drinks

Note : The pudding in the fridge is not halal. Contains pork gelatin. Take note on that.
  • Beef & Chicken
Fridge 1 - Halal Food - Beef
Fridge 2 - Chicken
Note : If i'm not mistaken, they store the halal chicken with non halal beef in this fridge. I personally didn't open this fridge. I just pick the beef from fridge 1.
  • Fresh salad + Sauces
  • Desserts = Fruits + Ice Cream
Green Tea + Vanilla
Chocolate chips + Chocolate
The halal certification

For the beef & chicken this restaurant have halal certified as below. So don't worry :D
Halal Cert at the counter.
Before i left, the restaurant sajang-nim were so kind and asked me to pick 1 of the Jeju fridge magnet with condition; follow their instagram (@shabu1000jeju)

Yay πŸ˜‹Walked out with fulled happy tummy a.k.a tones of abalone. Do visit to this restaurant when you visit Jeju-do.

My table. Single diner 😊

μ•ˆλ…• λŒ ν•˜λ₯΄λ°©! ✌ πŸ˜‹


(p/s: although shabu-shabu if i'm not mistaken been considered as Japanese dish but i hope this post will help all of you especially Muslim travelers have a taste of fresh seafood a.k.a abalone)


  1. Hi there! Can I know why it costed you 54,000 won because I saw on the website that it's 34,000 won ? Was there extra charges?? Because I'm actually planning to go there after reading your post haha. Thanks !

    1. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. As far as i know the price was ₩53,000 for unlimited buffet & it's almost dinner time. Not sure about the ₩34,000. Maybe they have some promotion perhaps?


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