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26 July 2009

finally, it's official

mood : grief
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I'm tired reading rumors about her passed away circulating Facebook & Twitter last couple days. A friend of mine also update his Facebook status mention her passed away on Friday 24th July 2009 @3.06pm evening. I'm shock and wonder where he got the news from. As always he mention from trusted resources. I check on Bernama webpage, goggle around and still can't find any news about that. I do listen to local online radio, still none of them mention about her passed away.

Then a few minutes before i log-off my Facebook, he leave a comment, mention that ERA already confirm the devastating news. I' still can't believe it. Again I check on Bernama. Still NO NEWS. Went home and listen to ERA News @5pm. Still NO NEWS to confirm it. Wondering why do people do this; playing around with her passed away news. Just to remind myself and the rest, this death issues it's not a joke. If you didn't confirm about it, or heard just a rumors, then don't post it on your Facebook status. Keep it to yourself until it's broadcast on news. Enuff said.

I'm please to know that she is still alive eventho' with help of life oxygen support [here]. My prayers and all other Malaysians still with her and hope that she will be recovered and healthy again.

Sadly last night @11.25pm she's didn't survive. I cross by Jezmine Zaidan facebook status and it was official that she's no longer with us.

I check on Bernama and Twitter. She was pronounce dead on 25 July 2009 @11.25pm at DSH due to stroke and brain haemorrhage.

I'm nobody to blog about her. I didn't know her personally but i do adore her work since all the realistic, unique & directly to your heart TV Commercials. Even if you watch it for the first time, you have that kind of instinct and knew it was hers. A short message that may bring you a smile like "Tan Hong Meng In Love" or brings tears to your eyes like "Raya: Burung Murai". Besides she brings OneMalaysia to us.

Yasmin Ahmad, rest in peace. Allah loves you more than we do.

We will be missed all your superb work and honest thoughts.


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