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19 January 2014

#spring2013 - Episode 2 : The Arrival~

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hello Seoul! like FINALLY hell yeah!

but before that let's have a glimpse my personal experienced in AA flight. just my recommendations tho' :)

My shuper-faulty-short-term-memory-lost!
  • Lupa booking in-flight meals (pegi-balik ye!). so i'm super starving in the flight for 6 hours, eventho' i'ved already had Dunkin Donut breakfast before flight-off. hehehe. Thankfully b4 flight balik, we (me, Kak Nanie & Bahie) had our lunch at the airport. makan kenyang2. after check-in bedal Starbucks banana frapp kt departure hall! Bahie also willingly to share her in-flight meal with me! hing! thanks a lot!
my2cent tip #3 if you wanna save your cent for in-flight meals, make sure you packed some sweets or small pack of biscuits in you hand luggage :) 
  • Lupa roaming hand-phone! this was the super-duper-failed-of-me. since Celcom offer RM36/day for roaming, for me its a good deal. so for 10-days trip, i a bit disconnected. once a while i tethering bahie's mobile & used guest-house wifi facilities!
my2cent tip #4 if you didn't want to roaming, do look for korean prepaid simcard. please google for more. I've no idea about this at all. *sorry*
  • just in-case! bring just enough Ringgit Malaysia cash in flight. this case i do refer a couple that seated beside me. i think they are American. hungry. want to buy in-flight meals but no RM in-hand. just CC. end-up they "sort-like" disappointed with the services. I've no say about this, since i also didn't know that Only-Cash policy in-flight sbb i penah tengok CC transaction in flight been done before. not AA flight la.