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04 October 2017

A Year After Halla-san

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Where to start. How to start. 😏😏

(a story about 10-hours hiking. so super long post. trust me!)

Eventually i promised myself to jog-down something about my hiking journey to the top of Halla-san. So let's go. After a year. (mencari kegigihan menaip sambil flash back)


The day i embarked my solo journey concurring the highest peak in South Korea.

Honestly i didn't really-really made up my mind for it after considering my slim-but-not-fit status. ok. sila. gelak. aku ni kurus je lebih taaaapppppppiiiiiiiii fitness ni bukan top priority la. makan aku bukak mata luas-luas. berjalan aku ok. suruh lari mula la aku krik-krik-krik sorok kasut. badan pun lemau. dengan stress keje. (alasan). so hidup aku hanya keje-balik-rumah-keje-balik-rumah. pusing-pusing-boring.

(back to business Aina!!)

16 January 2017

[FREE SAMPLE] Senarai Brand Untuk Toiletries

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post asal [ sini ] | [ diapers ] | [ susu ] | [ sanitary pad ]
tahun baru. dah la jarang check blog. kebetulan sambung post pasal #Autumn2016 trip. check komen. ada reader dah mula tanya pasal free sample untuk toiletries. Thanks la sebab sudi baca blog kami.
Mungkin akan ada multiple post ikut kategori toiletries atau ikut siri. Ikut yang mana ada bagi free sample. ok. 😏

Kalau ikut google toiletries punya list makhai panjang dik non. termasuk la sikat, shaver, cotton buds, dryer, straighteners, curlers dan sebagainya. Tapi mana la ada orang bagi free sample utk barang-barang macam tu kan? 😛

So marilah kita senaraikan some of yang kita jumpa like shampoo, feminine wash, skincare & lip care.

15 January 2017

[REVIEW] Muslim Friendly Restaurant in Jeju City

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(p/s: this post contains a lot of picture. It might take sometimes to load all. Depends on your internet connection)

We meet again. 😊

Today as best that i could to made a review how-to-go to & my-solo-mukbang-session at Muslim friendly restaurant in Jeju-do during my autumn solo-trip.

Thanks to this post that made me managed to eat fresh free flow abalone and happily :D. Actually it was my 3rd day in Jeju and that day was the day after typhoon.

I start my day quite late since my 2nd day in Jeju i managed to hike up Halla Mountain (will blog about this to. LATER :p ) and my legs still stiff & light cramp eventho i already do all sort of things to reduce it down 😞