18 September 2010

What technology means to you?
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Sorry for being away without any post (± 5 months?). Currently I'm active with my tweet-land beside facebook. So this blog have been left out T__T (eventho' i have tones of thought need to be share).

Finally, tonight i spare my time, updating something. Something that i consider important. As a reminder for myself and responsible towards my readers (if any~); and i hope after this my future post is much more responsible, mature & self-educating. Once a while, I'll update about my daily life but that subject no more played as major role in this blog.

OK! Back to my title 'It's All About Self-Educate'. It might sound sarcastic or too direct, but sometimes reality hurts. Take it or leave it. I'm not forcing anyone to accept or agree with all my words, my thoughts. I just justifying my opinions and I'm hoping for a good feedbacks (or criticisms) , so that discussions can be made and hearing thoughts for others will opened my eyes towards things that i didn't see. 

Furthermore this post actually i might say sneak-peak about self-educating, eventho' that's not my real and true intention but after i recap back, i need to elaborate more about it.

18 April 2010

Credit: Natalie Dee

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first of all, thanks to Elinluv's Tidbits Corner.

2nd, thanks to my dear gossips girls (Bahie, Ecah & Ayu) for patiently waiting for me at Amcorp Mall yesterday. Maaf ye kawan-kawan. Keje banyak. itupun mintak excuse ngan boss. yes! i'm at the office di pagi sabtu yang terang & tenang. Helping my boss buat data analysis and exploring AdBit software. And i have a blast evening with you guys. we should meet more often!

ok! berbalik kepada cerita mengikut tajuk di atas. (^_^). This quote say
"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."  by Charles W. Eliot
Totally agree! and I'm guilty as charged sebab I do promised myself just buy a book per month but in the end... i'm out from that store with 4. Nasib baik duit dalam purse RM100. kalau ada extra cash memang satu kedai aku angkut. Sebelum decide to purchase those books, i have around 6 to 8 books dalam bakul. and i have to sit down and do some selection. percayalah! sangat susah melepaskan buku-buku yang dah ada dalam bakul tue. TAPI I HAVE TO! (benci!) (^_^).


16 April 2010

credit: Natalie Dee
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(entry luahan perasaan. nie masalah diri sendiri! masalah tak boleh adjust diri lagi. xde kaitan dengan kerja & sewaktu dengannya)

apsal hari nie plak xde mood? langsung xmo wat ape-ape walaupun banyak je paper, policies, SOP(s) kene rangka (half-way done) & siapkan. Paper Dasar pon baru half-way review and adjust. Belum habis update sepenuhnya. (semuanya half-way nie~ ishhhh~)

(bile update blog terus mood datang..hehehe~ next time mood xde, terus update blog! dengan topik yang boleh jana pemikiran. xmo jadi blog sampah! ke sebenarnya dh masuk kategori tue?)

my life back to abnormal phase. no more evening korean-tv-entertainment-show. balik lepas waktu kerja sebab malas nak sangkut lama-lama dalam jammed. Even worst hari Jumaat. Mau 2 jam dok dalam kereta je. Sampai rumah tak nampak bende lain, nampak bantal. Nak tido. Bawak je balik paper dasar dengan harapan bukak laptop and review sikit-sikit TAPI HARAMMMMM~ aku akan lena depan lappy. dan bangun awal, just to check & update my fb & twitter~

Sesungguhnya Facebook, Twitter & YouTube (+internet) TRULY distract ME! (yes! blame me! again!)

24 March 2010

Super Junior Super Show 2 LIVE in Malaysia
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(update: 17/04/2010 with clip from ArirangTV)
(caution : this post going to be LONG! so don't bother if you're not interested..hihi~)

Thinks about it makes me more excited. I should blog about this a month ago, but due to unexpected things so here you are. Full-covered story from deciding, purchasing, speculation, gossips, stalkers, merchandise, d-day & after concert. For those hv my FB knows sometimes i do post, tweet & comments about them. hehehe~

By reading news posted by Daily K-Pop News a day before my birthday that Malaysia is officially 1 of 15 pit stops for SS2 makes me jump off from my chair. I do considered this news kind of my birthday gift. Serious. Never feels this kind of joy. Excited about an artist. For a fan girl like me (please don't talk about age here! I still have my inner-child. full-stop! LOL), it's like a dream come true, have a chance to experienced the concert itself, which for all this while, Youtube is my best source to watch all fancams and read about all the concert and wondering when will my time to experienced it. and FINALLY they're here in KL.

23 March 2010

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halo peeps. lame doh tak update sesuatu di blog. terlalu banyak perkara yang berlaku dalam masa sebulan yang lalu. Ups and Downs. Ada yang boleh dikongsi dan ada yang tidak. Alhamdulillah setakat ini dapat mengharungi dengan baik walaupun masih dalam keadaan adjust! terutamanya pemikiranku ini.

terima kasih pada kawan-kawan yang sudi memahami keadaan diri ini disaat aku perlukan pemahaman. bukan tak mahu bercerita esp pada sahabat baikku (Ayu, Zura & Aida), tapi ada kala perkara musibah macam nie perlu ditangani sendiri. perkara musibah buat aku belajar tentang sesuatu, memahami takdir yang telah ditetapkan, menerima ujian dengan tangan terbuka dan peluang untuk perbaiki diri sendiri. Alhamdulillah keadaan semakin baik dan keep progressing.

06 January 2010

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credit to Shambie.

fun little website for generating resolutions by Monina Velarde

yeah rite! hopefully it will come true~ hahahaha :D (you wish!~~)

btw, it's just for fun. nothing serious. my mind didn't set for that resolution yet!

or should i start? ;)

04 January 2010

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hari nie dah hari ke-4 tahun 2009..ehhh 2010.. (awal² nie biasa sangat lupa tahun baru~ hahaha) Selamat Tahun Baru kawan². Tahun baru biasanya orang isi dgn azam baru. Alhamdulillah, bagus tue, meletakkan matlamat jangka panjang.

For myself, nak kate x letak matlamat tue x la.. hidup mesti bermatlamat, bertujuan, baru hidup kita ada arah. cuma x letak matlamat jangka panjang + byk matlamat dlm 1 masa. Letak 1 matlamat jangka pendek, laksanakan dlm tempoh yg ditetapkan & create matlamat baru. InsyaAllah. Matlamat secara umum boleh la baca kat sini.

Ok! cukup tentang matlamat. Skang dah masuk tahun baru. so bagaimana hari ke-4 anda? Ok? tak ok? ceria? tak ceria?