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27 February 2013


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Dua ribu TIGA belas = TIGA puluh satu = TIGA tahun

Lot's of three.. wow! weeeeeee! cheers!

2013 == obviously this year. 31 == how old i am this year. 3 == career-wise this year. pejam-celik-jegil-mata-tahan-dengan-mancis.

This entry dedicated to "cherish" my 3 years in service! So let's go! *poyo*

REMINDER: post ni ada -ve aura! kalo xmo kene, baca sampai takat ni je! pastu tutup tab browser ok!

My facebook friend +Kei End shared this on his FB wall~ & the power of Google never fails me! *박수*


within this 3 years in service, i may say i can count how many times that i clock back on-time! never clock-out sharp 5.30PM. paling awal at 5.45PM. Itu pun sebab janji nak gather with my UTM-mates kt KLCC~ other then that, clock-out as early as 6.15PM & as late as 1.00AM-2.00AM on the next day!

after see this post...made me rethink about myself! like serious wake-up called. i see the word MEANINGLESS-FOOL-LOSER! Y___Y so i'm equal to all those words! for some reasons the answer equal to yes! Y____Y. I have MEANINGLESS life! I am a FOOL! I am a LOSER! rasa sangat pathetic ok! SANGAT! *__*

Tak dapat dinafikan, sometimes i do reach office a bit late! *for various reasons == traffic* so that's how i repay back the time. clock-out a bit late! sometimes i do go else where! *for personal stuff == dengan izin time-off* so that's how i repay back the time. clock-out a bit late!

As eventho i reach office early pun, still balik lambat jugak~ So kesimpulannya, i'm fool kat situ~*enuff* sedih sangat bile fikir balik~ Let's cari jalan how to fixed this!

For some reasons as well, i do see the bright-side while working in this "environment"~ i meet tones of great friends +masliyana azmi +azma mustapha (to name a few..yg lelain jgn kecik hati ok! you're great too!). i learned many things. kalau dulu keje aku godek programming je, jumpa error gugel! tak jumpa solution, tanye orang! xde solution jumpa superior bgtau masalah!

now i've to force myself to learn-alert-n-know-how the servers, security, networks, DR, ISMS, SPA etc is. tak boleh nak depend pada orang lain. tugas-tugas lain yang diarahkan seperti bidan terjun buat montaj-lukis story-board-montaj-kene-kutuk-montaj-buruk-kene-buat-photoshop-laporan-kene-kutuk-photoshop-buruk-kene-buat-bajet-unit-kene-buat-minit-mesyuarat-kene-kutuk-format-minit-mesyuarat-salah-ikut-boss-pegi-mesyuarat-audit-etc!

It's a learning journey with tears & sweats!

I'll share with you some scenario that i faced in my 3 years! and i don't blamed the public for made some perception this kind of thing! because i do feel skeptical as well!

Senario 1
Saye: clock-in 8.25 pagi-masuk-bilik-letak-beg-buka-almari-nak-bancuh-nescafe~
"Boss": masuk-bilik-saye-soalan-boss : mane si "polan"? si "polan"?

*FYI* si "polan" masuk lebih awal dari saye!

Saye: *blur*speechless* garu-garu-kepala-cari-jawapan!

Senario 2
Saye: clock-in 8.15 pagi-masuk-bilik-letak-beg-on-pc-sempat-lagi-turun-tapau-breakfast-
On the way nak turun pegi cafe, selisih dengan si "polan" yg masuk lagi awal baru keluar dari cafe tapau breakfast!

Si "polan": senyum-senyum~muka tak bersalah~
Saye: speechless!

Senario 3
Saye: clock-in-on-time-ngam-ngam-soi-letak-beg-on-pc-
Telefon meja si "polan" yang masuk lebih awal bunyi while si "polan" ada kt pantry sedang menikmati breakfast.
Saye: *fikir*nak*ignore*or*tolong*angkat?*

tbh lately ni saye ignore je! *evil*grin* ambil mug-bancuh nescafe~ lalalala~

Senario 4
Colleague to si "polan": mohon siapkan this thing today! urgent ye!
Petang almost waktu balik, cari si "polan" kat meja, dah xde! dh balik! keje tadi? unknown status~ so sape yg kene siapkan?
Colleague: masuk-bilik-siapkan-sendiri~
*mohon pencerahan untuk semua senario di atas*

So kesimpulan, saye sort like merungut tentang 3 tahun saye kan? Help me! Please spread me some +ve aura & how-to-encounter-i'm-loser-feeling-

Later sambung feeling dah masuk 3-series! homaigod!


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