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24 March 2010

[fan account] [100320] Super Junior SS2 Malaysia

Super Junior Super Show 2 LIVE in Malaysia
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(update: 17/04/2010 with clip from ArirangTV)
(caution : this post going to be LONG! so don't bother if you're not interested..hihi~)

Thinks about it makes me more excited. I should blog about this a month ago, but due to unexpected things so here you are. Full-covered story from deciding, purchasing, speculation, gossips, stalkers, merchandise, d-day & after concert. For those hv my FB knows sometimes i do post, tweet & comments about them. hehehe~

By reading news posted by Daily K-Pop News a day before my birthday that Malaysia is officially 1 of 15 pit stops for SS2 makes me jump off from my chair. I do considered this news kind of my birthday gift. Serious. Never feels this kind of joy. Excited about an artist. For a fan girl like me (please don't talk about age here! I still have my inner-child. full-stop! LOL), it's like a dream come true, have a chance to experienced the concert itself, which for all this while, Youtube is my best source to watch all fancams and read about all the concert and wondering when will my time to experienced it. and FINALLY they're here in KL.

Deciding moment!
I shared this exciting news with my fellow k-poppers. and i'm glad that they shared the same joy as mine. But other issued been raised up. Since it's still not official due to SuJu record label logo (SME) didn't appeared in organizer the website. Thanks to Fizzy and her friend for sharing and dig all the info to make sure this news are true. They been extra cautions this time after F.T Island incident. It's good to have a group of people that aware about this and remind us not to get too excited. Near to evening, finally Fizzy alarmed me that the concert is official and the organizer already put SME & other related logo to their website.

Ticket purchase
Unfortunately the pre-sale tickets up on sale a week after official announcement. OMG! with my thin purse, i only can purchase RM138 ticket somewhere early February, few days after the pre-sale. Quite disappointing. with limited seats, i crossed fingers that tickets are still available on online/offline early February.

All of us faced the same situation. a bit frustrated. Kindly my dear Shambie willing to advanced her money for us to buy the tickets on the pre-sale day. She's worried about not getting the cheapest ticket after pre-sale. She's our savior. 4 of us (me, Bahie, Fizzy & Shambie) can only afford to buy rm138 tickets and Sofia & her lil-sis Acha want to go for rm238. It's fine for us since this is our 1st time attend such a big concert. We have decided Acha will go to purchased the tickets on the 1st day of pre-sale.

1st pre-sale was hectic. poor Acha. she's stuck at Sg.Wang from morning until evening and the line didn't moved at all. Since she's when there alone, she can't moved anywhere including to buy food. place getting crowded. At last Acha went home empty handed. Sofia sms me that night, Acha decided not to join us to the concert. She's quite upset with the whole situations. The rest of us still want to go and i'll ask sofia to persuade Acha go with us. After the tragic moment, me and sofia decided both of us will try to get the ticket next day. Sofia will go first (she holds the cash) and if she still can't get it, i'll go.

Lucky Sofia, she's went to Sg.Wang and not as much crowd as we expected but number of available seat are limited. All of also agreed to purchase same ticket and Acha will join us as well. We decided just grab any available area (since the seat are numbered, just pick the sitting area). Finally we secure our seat.

Speculations, Gossips & Updates
Not much interesting news since everyone knows only 10 official SuJu members will appear for the concert. Hankyung still in China, waiting for his law-suit case against SME settle, Kangin still stay low after hit-run incident and Kibum busy with his acting schedule, plus he's already absent for Sorry, Sorry album promotions & SS2 concerts series. Henry & Zhou Mi will participate as SuJu-M (SuJu subgroup).

The only news that captured my attentions when SS2 in Shanghai, where Shanghai fans not really welcomed Henry & Zhou Mi and insist for Hankyung to be up on stage. It's a sad thing happened to them especially it happened in Shanghai, their hometown. It's so heart-breaking to read what Henry express his feeling towards the incident. I do discuss this matter with Fizzy and we promised ourself that Henry & Zhou Mi will get equal treatment as part of SuJu when they perform here in KL.

Meanwhile Shindong-sshi tweet upon his departure, arrival & stay in KL which makes me more excited to see them for REAL!

Their flight info & where they stay have been posted by Redstar via Facebook fan page. Since i'm still at the office when they touch-down, so i try not to bother much, but Fizzy & Bahie try to be stalker of the day. Since Fizzy & Shambie have a rest day on Friday, they try to get a glimpse of the boys at the airport. Bahie will stalk them at Bukit Bintang since she went to BTS to get some of SuJu merchandise~

Story at the airport, hotel & stadium : Fizzy, friends & other ELFs didn't get a chance to see the boys since they arrived as they been transported to departure, while all fans are patiently wait at the arrival. In the other hand, after buying stuff from BTS, Bahie transport herself to Grand Millennium Hotel, just to see by any chance she can see the boys. Bahie manage to capture them walked towards their van after checked-in and moved to Bukit Jalil for sound check. Bahie do inform Fizzy about their trip to Bukit Jalil and Fizzy continue to stalk them at the stadium. By any chance Fizzy still didn't manage to meet them in person. hehehe. Seems Bahie is the lucky one. (^_^)

Fizzy manage to purchase a small torchlight for Shining Star moment. This is one of MyELF plans for the boys. Bahie also went to BTS to purchased sapphire blue light-stick & tube for the concert.

Finally we can hold our own tickets!
As schedule i will pick-up bahie, Fizzy & Shambie and we will meet Sofia & Acha at the stadium. One thing for sure i didn't know that Akademi Fantasia (AF) Concert also happened at Bukit Jalil. See all the AF banners but it doesn't bother me at all..hehehe~

I manage to get parking spot near venue (since the show will ends somewhere 11pm++). It's still early but ELFs around South East Asia (esp Indonesians & Singaporean) already gather (+ even camp outside) around the stadium. We walk around the stadium & see all dedicated ELFs with their banner & stuff. People already queue esp for those who purchasing standing rock pit tickets. Us? since our seat are numbered, we hang around stadium, having our dunkin donut moment, chit-chatting & meeting new friend, Sherer~

The situation becoming chaos when some of ELFs (especially queue in front of stadium) scream like SuJu are entering the stadium from front. Us? (me, shambie, bahie  fizzy) doesn't bother about it since they're too many people and we never ever get a chance to squeeze in to see the boys. After all, all of us will see it later right? ;)

Around 5pm we gather in front the gate. waiting for time to get it. Some local & Korean media busy taking pictures around the venue, especially ELFs. Airirang TV, Channel [V] & etc.

Performance! [ Read here for full covered + concert detailed. Credit to Uti from Twelfs. ]

Opening act by Malaysian artists which we didn't pay too much attention to it + didn't know about them either (^_^). After a long wait, 8pm they kick off show. Since my seat didn't get to hear the sound much, i just enjoy the songs.

The moment i waiting for is they sing my favorite track U. I ♥ U because it represent all 13 of them, by name of SUPER JUNI-OR and i can hear Kim Heechul sing clearly. It doesn't mean that i didn't support HenMi, I do by principle prom15e to 13elieve~~ They keep singing every track which some of them i'm not so familiar..(bad fan girl~~)

I have an extra attentions to the true diva & princess KIM HEECHUL with his white furry fan~ LOL. He's (or should i change to she's?) really beautiful (instead of handsome?). I wish i can see his new haircut but he's KIM HEECHUL anyway. He's special & different in any way & many way~ (^_^). Uyutpikal Kim Heechul! Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul! (^_*)~

My handsome #evilmagnaekyu & Shindong-sshi have a new clean hair cut, Shindong-sshi is not as big as i used to watch on Youtube. He look slim. Eunhyuk colored his hair & suit him well. I like Sungmin hair-do this time. Look manly instead of feminine~ Leeteuk-sshi & Siwon wear sleeveless shirt while other members wearing vest. Don't blame me for not looking at their hot muscles. hehehehe~ Donghae, Yesung & Ryeowook have their own charms~

They introduce themselves with their nickname on screen & style. Kyu with his moonwalk, Sungmin with martial arts, Leeteuk with his santi dance~ hihihi. All of them truly adorable. No questions why i ♥ them~

Their solo performance also great. I don't know where they get the energy from. They performed one after another. Henry looks great with his solo and his white violin. Leeteuk with Honey, Siwon with English song, Donghae & Eunhyuk with their powerful dance, my #evilmagnaekyu with flawless voice, so do yesung. Heechul with his white + dark pink suit.

They also put up video moment esp clip of Sorry, Sorry (Answer) with Kangin. ELFs still cheer for Kangin and I hope that he will back for good for their upcoming album. The video message they send to ELFs also touch my heart. Since i didn't have a clear view upon that video message, i do see other fancam from youtube.

Super Junior K.R.Y perform What If with Sungmin. They sing and we melting with their voice. Super Junior-M perform Super Girl & Blue Yesterday strong. We do support them esp HenMi and cheer for them as they perform their solo. They have so much talent as other member as well. Dance battle feat Shindong, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae & Leeteuk really awesome. Nothing else to said!

By listening to Shining Star makes me smile & cry at the same time. It's a touching moment for us who can't believe they are finally here and see Leeteuk & Donghae cry on screen makes me more sad & touch. After the performance Leeteuk bow 90° to us.

Moment that i can't stop laughing is when they perform Chu♥~~ totally cute~ Heechul a.k.a SulHee really energetic & he running around stadium with rainbow fan just to makes the fan spinning. While other members (Shindong a.k.a ShinToria, Eunhyuk a.k.a HyukTal, Donghae a.k.a Amber & Ryeowook a.k.a LuWook) playing with each other, SulHee was at back busy fixing her fan!

The other cute performance is when they perform sort like nursery rhyme~ Heechul wearing green dragon suit, Shindong turns to cute baby, play with each other, and when they up wearing their chibi shirt, THAT'S CUTE~

They save the best for last. Water-gun time. They attack fans & been attack. Most playful + enjoyable moment. ELFs keep throwing gifts to the stage. Some of the gift are interesting & the boys didn't hesitate to wear it on the spot! Leeteuk-sshi take off his shoe and wear bunny? slipper on stage. Heechul pick-up head-gear (i think it's indonesian) and put on his head. They also imitate red teletubby walk. (^_^)

Fan Services
Kyuhyun : I do envy ELFs downstairs who manage to capture Kyu holding their postcard & do special pose just for them & today i get to see picture post at twelfs where Kyu used one of ELF mobile and selca using that mobile phone! aigoooo~ T_T. Kyu also didn't hesitated to shake hand with ELFs who is in Rock Pit B. Lucky them. I just can watch from far.

Donghae gave his one-on-one flying kiss to ELFs downstairs after performing Shining Star. Sungmin, grab out mini torchlight and used it when we sing Shining Star together.

Final moment!
They (+ HenMi) up on stage and Leeteuk (on behalf of members) greet all fo us (Siwon as translater) and ask us to wait for their upcoming album (off-course we will!). They walked around the stage and waved everyone. Shindong already wear blue t-shirt that fans throw to him. Donghae & Eunhyuk left the stage last and blow us flying kissed & put his palm towards Euhnyuk lips..LOL.

After Concert!
Went home with smile from ears to ears & happy thoughts. Browse twelfs for updates & updating my fb album with photos. Since we quite far from stage, i didn't captured so much pictures.

Leeteuk-sshi + Yesung sick! (worried) & Sungmin + Shindong Happy! (happy!)

Final thoughts~
Untill today i still missed every moment that i have at the stadium. I do hope they will come again for Super Show 3 and i will splurge myself with the best seat.

p/s : i'll update & edit this post with pictures soon! (which i don't know when..hehehe~)

Update~clip from Arirang TV (spot us!) hehehehe~


  1. Can't wait for another Super Show in Malaysia!... yeay~~

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