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18 September 2010

it's all about self-educate

What technology means to you?
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Sorry for being away without any post (± 5 months?). Currently I'm active with my tweet-land beside facebook. So this blog have been left out T__T (eventho' i have tones of thought need to be share).

Finally, tonight i spare my time, updating something. Something that i consider important. As a reminder for myself and responsible towards my readers (if any~); and i hope after this my future post is much more responsible, mature & self-educating. Once a while, I'll update about my daily life but that subject no more played as major role in this blog.

OK! Back to my title 'It's All About Self-Educate'. It might sound sarcastic or too direct, but sometimes reality hurts. Take it or leave it. I'm not forcing anyone to accept or agree with all my words, my thoughts. I just justifying my opinions and I'm hoping for a good feedbacks (or criticisms) , so that discussions can be made and hearing thoughts for others will opened my eyes towards things that i didn't see. 

Furthermore this post actually i might say sneak-peak about self-educating, eventho' that's not my real and true intention but after i recap back, i need to elaborate more about it.

Being a science computer student and work in it (should i consider myself IT-literate? not really hehehe), i deal with computer everyday, most of the time might say. Besides learning about programming languages, I'm exposed towards internet and technologies. Believe me, you'll never can catch-up with technologies and till this day I'm still catching up. >.<

(My Self-educate #1~) -- Updating & Not being left-out.
For me to catch-up everything & all new-things-in-IT-land, quite impossible but what i do is, pick and narrow-down subject that i have interest in. Example programming language > Java & Ruby On Rails. I just stick with this 2 (and I'm not gonna say that I'm expert in this 2 area), but from time to time i have to force myself to read and update about those things. Technology really helps. Thanks to Google Reader for being a tools for me to bookmark and updating all those websites, blog that i frequently visit without went back and forth or lost the URLs.

(My Self-educate #2~) - Use technology wisely, it might turn to your worst nightmare.
It really helps, the technology. thanks! for myself i really rely on it. even map or shopping mall floor, i really depend on technology. Just ask google, i'll get my answer. These days, i used technology to learn Korean, watching my favorite idol on youtube etc etc.

For past 2 years, trend of social networks extremely burst (or should i say exploded?) nationwide. Nowadays who DOESN'T HAVE at least facebook (or any other social network) account? At least one? From my observation, technologies become an important role for mostly everyone. Blackberry, Android, Iphone, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (to name a few) become an IT thing. Thus by technology, news spread extremely-extremely-extremely FAST. Within a glimpse of eyes, 1 news may become HOT trending topic on twitter land.

So used it wisely, with ethics. I do recommend you not really trust what you read, esp on twitter/facebook status until it's official. Yeah, sometimes, some people wants to be the 1st or the earliest who-knows-or-spread-the-hot-news, but once you publish it without any official statement from news or reliable sources, it might turn disaster or even worst may drag you to law-suit. If you know something especially on sensitive topics (religions, politics, police-or-law-cases, races, death), and you have 99.9% sure it's true, just keep it for yourself until it's official or proven. Apology is acceptable, but an apology can't fixed it back to normal, because we'll never know what technology turn up to; technology might turns anything and everything impossible possible.

(My Self-educate #3~) - Assumptions KILLS!!
If we worked on assumption that what is accepted as true REALLY is true, then there would be little hope for advance. - Orville Wright
I didn't say you can't have or make any assumptions at all but it's better have it with solid prove right? Honestly, for myself, i stop making assumptions, because it's tiring. I just being optimist. If i have any doubt, I'll ask, do my own investigation and check-it-for-myself; but idiom "A Picture Worth A Thousand Words"; yes i do admit picture tell you a story and worth thousand words but is it tell you the whole thing? Some might say the story behind photo not sync because words can be twisted, so it's my job to find the real story if i want to know further. Just watch Princess Diary (just name a movie that sort of related with) and you will know what i mean. >.<

That's all for now, i guess >.< (drop me a comment ok! share me your thoughts~ hehehe~). 
Later with lots of ♥

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