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08 September 2008


mood: -oh!-
selected track: various artist - just stand up

i woke up late last saturday hehehe (actually i woke up abit late on weekends)

and i'm aware this live cast last week thru' their promo on MTV..tapi normal la..nama pon weekend..aku just tengok after 15 minutes's a charity show to gain donation towards cancer research + awareness

just enjoy the video & songs

p/s: just dislike suara miley cyrus..too kanak2~


  1. hari cuti biasa la.. time ni la nk balas dendam. biasa bgn awal n tido lewat.

  2. biasa bgn awal n tido lewat?

    me tido awal jugak..jarang dah tido lewat..terlalu letih memandu agaknya :p

  3. sorry! the original video no longer available.

    do search at youtube for "stand up for cancer"



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